• I've suffered from debilitating headaches for many years and tried many different prescriptions to no avail. I've done physical therapy on and off over the years but have never been able to completely resolve my headaches. I was fortunate enough to receive a gift certificate to Webster Muscular Therapy a few years ago and thought I would give it a try.
    After my first appointment, I was shocked to realize how restricted my range of motion had been in my neck. I immediately set up my next appointment and go ever other week ever since. My headaches have almost disappeared completely! No more prescription medications! Matt is a true professional. He immediately puts you at ease, identifies the problem areas and explains what he is going to do resolve them. I have recommended Matt to my friends who are now clients as well.

  • I have been visiting Matt for nearly 10 years, and will continue for many years to come. I had tried several spaís for massage services before finding Matt, and none of them could compare. Matt is professional and personable, and his massage technique is the best. Iíve since moved out of state, but each time I visit Massachusetts I look forward to an appointment with Matt. I have also given gift certificates to family and friends, and many of them have now returned on their own. Matt makes you feel comfortable and welcome the moment you walk in the door. Thank you Matt, Iíll see you the next time Iím in Massachusetts.
    ~Cheryl C.

  • Every 6-8 weeks I visit Matt for my hour massage. Matt finds the knots and sooths the aches. My muscles always thank me. I feel great when I leave Webster Muscular Therapy. I highly recommend Matt!
    ~Debi T.